Award winning architecture firm Christensen & Co needed an overhaul of their website. The site had languished on a homebrew platform with little to no login security and an inflexible templating system for years. It was time for a reinvention. 

Architecture is to most people a highly visual discipline, and you sell yourself on the end result rather than the process. Because of this it was vitally important that we supported high resolution images to properly showcase the amazing design work that the great team at CCO was doing. 

By basing the site on WordPress we gave the team at CCO a platform that almost anyone of their employees can update, making it easy for them to create the content they need to showcase their work. 

We created a flexible design structure, that allowed the team to mix and match between video, photography, illustrations and text, thus making every single case page its own unique thing. 

It takes a village

It was also important for CCO to showcase all the team members, both for easy contact info, but also to show that while the work itself appears simple (in the traditional minimalist Scandinavian sense of the word) it does take a village to design and plan these builds for aesthetics as well as humans.