Fladlandssagaen is one of Denmarks oldest larp campaigns, having existed for some 16+ years. It is currently run in collaboration with one of the few larp schools in the world, Østerskov Efterskole

The organisers of the campaign approached Oddity with a unique problem. They have about ten years worth of written lore, but a lack of overview and entropy over time meant that a lot of the information they have about their universe was spread across Google Docs, old Wikimedia installs, several websites and more. 

Furthermore they needed an easy to use character management system, enabling both organisers and players to keep track of characters experience, stats, skills and more. 

The needed a platform that would allow them to cross reference and unify all the information. 

The Article view in the lexicon.

Using WordPress and the Custom Post Type API we built exactly what they needed. First a lexicon was created, enabling the organising team to start collecting all their information in a friendly format allowing players to explore the ingame world they had created. 

Then we added a Roster plugin, enabling them to track characters. The Roster plugin enables them to define how many characters a player is allowed to have (allowing for npc’s). It also included a complete skill tree, including stat modifiers and dependencies, allowing players to only purchase the skills available to them. 

The GM’s view, allowing the check characters and guests in,
as well as log activities during game play.

Finally we added a simple Campaign plugin, to create a foundation for further development in this arena. The basic functionality created allows the organisers to create the individual sessions on the website, activate them, and then check characters into the given play session. 

All of these components work together to form a larp campaign platform that is not readily available as an existing platform.