Heroes & Generals: WWII is a massively multiplayer online first person shooter set in the European theatre of the Second World War. 

Players from all over the globe take up roles as infantry, tank commanders, fighter plane pilots and much more, and battle for dominance of Europe. With hundreds of vehicles, weapons and more faithfully recreated to sound and feel like their real life counterparts H&G:WWII is truly an immersive experience. 

Oddity Industries was contracted by the games developer, Reto Moto, to overhaul the existing website. The initial project was to streamline backend processes and create a foundation on which to build future web-based projects. 

Taking a cue from the games own design language we recreated many of the same communicators, to ensure recognition across platforms. We worked tightly with the frontend team at Reto Moto to understand their design language and adapted it to a flexible framework for use on the web. 

Engaging the community

With more than ten million players worldwide it is an understatement to say that H&G:WWII has committed and dedicated fanbase. Communicating directly with fans and players was a big driver and for that we needed a solid platform. 

It was also imperative that the choice of platform here was something the team at Reto Moto was already familiar with. And so the choice fell on Invision Community as a forum provider. While not the most elegant solution, it is a known quantity. 

Rather than have Reto’s community team having to moderate and navigate several channels we developed a custom plugin for them that moved WordPress’ comment section into specific news forums, and bound WordPress posts to specific forum threads. 

Expanding on the foundation

One of the biggest draws of Player vs. Player games is the ability to track your performance against other players. To see how you measure up and how your skill progresses. 

The Leaderboards show player rankings in more than 30 different categories.

To that end Reto Moto built a leaderboard API for Heroes & Generals: WWII, and Oddity Industries in turn built a custom plugin to consume that API, and display its data to players on the website. 

Enabling gamertag lookup enabled players to see specifically how they were doing and how they are ranked against their opponents. 

Global reach means multi-lingual

With players from all over the globe it was important to have the option of adding multilingual support to the website as the need arose. By using WordPress as a platform that was deceptively easy. Not only is the platform well suited to manage tens of thousands of pieces of content, its unique structure also makes it easy to scale laterally by adding more languages as the need arose. 

Currently the Heroes & Generals: WWII website supports English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Czech, German, French, Polish, Portuguese and Turkish. 

And it’s trivial to add more when needed.