Unplay’d is a simple WordPress plugin that enables you to track the videogames you’ve played. It’s a WordPress based fork of the script Shaun Inman created.

The plugin comes preloaded with taxonomies for just about all the game consoles we’ve been able to find. You can, of course, add more yourself.

The plugin also allows you sort your games into four silos; Beaten, Abandoned, Unplayed and Unbeaten, as well as rate the games from one to five stars.


Simply drop the [unplayd] shortcode on any page. 

Using the shortcode also enables you filter on a few parameters, such as platform and progress.
Example: [unplayed platform=”ios” progress=”beaten”]
Result: Lists all games that have been beaten on the iOS platform. 

By default results are ordered alphabetically in ascending order, but by using the orderby and order variables in the shortcode you can change this as well. These attributes are directly linked to how WordPress handles ordering, so you can read more about that here

Installation instructions

  • Download zip file.
  • Upload via WordPress’ plugin installation tool
  • Activate.